Fullen School of Hair Design

Training Professionals for the World of Beauty


Q. Do you offer financial aid?
A. We choose not to participate in government financial aid or grant programs. We offer you a quality cosmetology education with tuition rates as low as possible. Tuition can easily be paid with "pay as you go" payment plans. Upon completion of the program you will not have high interest loans to repay or be in debt.

Q. Is the Fullen School of Hair Design a licensed school?
A. YES! The Fullen School of Hair Design is fully licensed by the State of Nebraska as a school of cosmetology

Q. Do I need a high school diploma?
A. No, but if you do not have one you will need a GED certificate.

Q. Is there a minimum age to enroll?
A. Yes, you must be at least 17 years of age to enroll.

Q. Can I change my attendance schedule from full-time to part-time, or vice versa?
A. Although we encourage full-time attendance, you may choose to attend part-time after consultation and approval from the school owner. We find part-time attendance adversely impacts your theory and related theory education.

Q. How long will the training take?
A. Full-time attendance  with no absences will normally allow you to graduate in 13 months. The same program at some colleges may take up to two years.

Q. What if my children have a day off due to an illness or  school vacation?
A. Although we encourage students to have alternate plans in place for a babysitter, we understand many students have family responsibilities. We only ask that you telephone and let an instructor know that you will be absent.

Q. Is there a lot of bookwork?
A. A typical  week has 4 hours of theory in a classroom, 6 hours of practical theory training, and the remainder of the week is spent on clinical  "hands-on " training  with students providing beauty services to clients. A total of 2100 hours is required to graduate.

Q. Will you help me find a job upon graduation?
A. While we cannot guarantee you a job, we will help you in finding your first position. We frequently receive inquiries from  salons that are seeking cosmetology graduates. 

Q. What if I have problems finding time to study, or have problems taking tests?
A. You will be given plenty of time to review and study during school hours. Instructors are always available to assist you, and you will be given the chance to make-up any failed tests.

Q. What if  I need to take time of for a vacation, wedding, or other special event?
A.  As previously stated, we encourage regular attendance to ensure you have a continuity of training. If you need to take some occasional time off, simply get advance permission from an instructor. Saturday attendance is mandatory without prior approval.

Q. Will I have a chance to get my hair done at school, or have other beauty services?
A. Yes, at designated times students may have other students give them beauty services. Students may not perform their daily grooming upon arrival at school, you are expected to arrive ready for the day.

Q. Will there be any other costs in addition to the tuition?
A. The total tuition cost includes tuition, the student kit, books, and matriculation fee. The only other cost to the student will be the purchase of the prescribed school uniform. Additional kit supplies and products for the students personal use are charged at special student rates.